How Do I Change Punch Card Expiration Date or # Days

The punch card expiration date is part of the punch card item.

You must have the latest POS Admin updated after March 3, 2017.

  • Login to the POS Admin
  • Click "Selling", "Item Setup"
  • Search for the punch card item, click "Edit"
It is important to note that the "Number of Punches" MUST be a number other than 0 for the expiration information to display.

If your punch card expires on a specific date, then:

  • Under Punch Expiration Method, select "Expires by Date"
  • Below "Expires by Date", enter the date the punch card expires (Format MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Every punch card issued after this date will display on this date

If your punch card expires X number of days in the future, then:

  • Under Punch Expiration Method, select "Expires by Days"
  • Below "Expires by Days", enter the number of days the punch card expires
  • Every punch card issued under this method will expire within x days.  For example, if you enter 30 days and the date is January 1st, the expiration date will be January 31st.

Be sure to save your work

  • Click "Update Item" or "Save" in the bottom right hand corner


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