How does the buddy list work?

Each member has 4 Buddy Lists. The first, "Main", includes every buddy in your buddy list and cannot be modified.  The remaining 3 buddy lists requires names and members.


Create Additional Buddy Lists

  • To create an additional buddy list, type a name next to "List #2", "List #3" and/or "List #4.  click Save.  You have now named your buddy lists.

To add/delete members to a buddy list:

  • Enter the search name box and type in the last names of your buddies, then click search.  When the name shows in the right box, click the "A" to add them to your control or "Main" buddy list.
  • Do this for all your friends.
  • To delete a friend, click the "D" button (for Delete) in the left box next to the buddy you wish to delete.  This will move them back to the right box.
  • You can assign friends to List #2. #3, or #4.   in the left box you will see four buttons: D 2 3 4.  Click button #2 to add this friend to the second list.  These are toggle buttons.  To remove someone already on list #2, click the button again.


Here is My buddy list.  I have 3 special lists. 

My Neighbors, List #2 consist of Brian Frank and Bonnie Mogg.

My Wednesday List #3 consist of John Frank, Bonnie Mogg and Phillip Mohler

My Friday List #4 consist of Phillip Mohler and Jerry Sather.

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