How do linked emails work?

The linked emails function was added a few years ago.  Your club might not have this setup in your placement.  IF you find that this function is not working, please contact us so we can properly set your system up.

During the placement all the linked information is put into one file. 

Items to note:

  • During the next day's placement the linked file is cleared, so you only have one day to send the linked emails. 
  • Changes made to the court sheet will NOT be reflected in the emails
  • The linked emails are designed to be sent immediately after placement
  • Player 1 of the first linked card is the only one who will receive the emails, it is their responsibility to forward the emails.

Emails will look as follows:

Player 1 of a linked team, you are receiving the linked team information on placed teams.

This information relates to linked confirm #:  51182
Facility:  Chelsea
Day:  Wednesday - 05/04/16
Time: 09:30

Player 1: DENNIS BROWSTEIN (Member #: 14440)
Player 2: GERALD RENALDS(Member #: 051234)
Player 3: DICK MARSTON (Member #: 5893)
Player 4: RICHARD PARKER(Member #: 085900)


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